Who better to have in your corner than a team of dedicated professionals who understand your weight loss struggle. The team behind The Dream Body System has decades of first hand experience helping people just like yourself return to a healthy body weight. It does not matter if you are struggling to push through a plateau to lose those last few stubborn pounds. Or if you have a longer weight loss journey and need to lose 150 pounds or more. Our team of weight loss experts are dedicated to getting you to your dream body.

Dr. Di Pietro, the inventor of The Dream Body System, knows first hand the challenges you have been up against to lose weight. He has helped thousands of people just like you from his weight loss clinic in Miami. He realized over his many years as a Doctor that dieting, exercise and extreme options such as bariatric surgeries were not enough to help patients regain control of their weight. If these options alone were enough, two thirds of americans would not suffer from being overweight or obese. He identified that one of the biggest struggles his patients were having was the enormous amount of willpower that they were required to put forth to be successful with dieting and exercise.

Dr. Di Pietro invented The Dream Body System to reduce the amount of sheer willpower needed to successfully lose weight . This breakthrough system also adds a proven tool to fill the gap between dieting, exercise, and the more extreme and risky solution of invasive surgery. By giving patients a new tool to rapidly burn 10 – 20 pounds of excess body fat in just 10 days without hunger, patients require less willpower to succeed and are able to see real results in the mirror quickly. Seeing is believing and this comes with a boost of confidence that it is possible to regain control of runaway excessive weight. Without slaving away, exercising for months. Fighting hunger pains from another diet that isn’t working. Or turning to the extremes of invasive surgery. Until now, the only options for someone overweight have been dieting, exercise or a bariatric surgery. The Dream Body System Team have made a new and better choice possible for those struggling with their weight and it is our mission to help them succeed.

Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro MD, FACP,
Inventor & Chief Medical Officer​

Dr. Di Pietro is a distinguished physician who has worked at the highest levels of medical science. He invented the Dream Body System to give his patients a better tool in their fight against obesity. Dr. Di Pietro is the founder of a state-of-the-art weight loss clinic in Miami, Florida, specializing in internal medicine and the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. He has devoted the last 24 years working in his weight loss clinic to help his patients regain control of their weight and improve weight loss outcomes.

Douglas Jacke MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Doug is a seasoned driver of growth and expansion offering decades of innovative and entrepreneurial executive leadership. He has led as the CEO of Deliver Fleet Services and CEO of Market Edge Consulting, a digital marketing agency specializing in digital branding, advertising and marketing. Doug has a history of driving change and leading winning teams during his time at Jerry Leigh Resort Division, marketing and selling licensed products from big brands such as Disney, Warner Bros and NASCAR.

Jason Pottinger MBA, CEO

Jason earned an MBA at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada specializing in international business & marketing. His undergraduate work was completed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he earned an economics degree. Jason has negotiated and facilitated numerous investment and partnership agreements with large multi-national corporations. Jason has been involved with many technology companies working on operations, business development and marketing strategies. He is also a former professional football player, seasoned investor and has built several successful businesses.

Dr. Frank Greenway MD, Founder & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Greenway is a professor and director for the Outpatient Research Unit at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. He graduated from Stanford University and obtained his medical degree from UCLA. His interest is in developing new treatments for obesity. He is a member of a number of professional societies including The Obesity Society, The American Society for Nutrition and The American Diabetes Association. Dr. Greenway is also a board member of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Dr. Donald Thomas III, Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Thomas graduated from Howard University College of Medicine with an M.D. in Medicine and earned his A.B. in Physical Science and Genetics at Harvard University. He also created and reshaped clinical care delivery systems in 30+ healthcare organizations in the northern hemisphere, including healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, group practices and an insurance provider medical bureau, while delivering increased quality, patient satisfaction and metrics, in addition to significant new dollars to the organizational bottom lines.

Jeff Wolff MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff is an entrepreneur and expert in business finance, growth strategies, project management, software and systems engineering, system modeling and simulation, and systems integration with 20+ years of experience with high-tech SaaS startups in the real estate and identity management space, as well as in the intelligent transportation systems and defense industries. He holds an MBA from George Washington University.

Donald Kuk, Chief Transformation Officer

Donald Kuk is an innovative, multiple industry award winning Global Transformation, Operational Excellence and Quality Management Executive with more than 20 years of delivering record setting top line growth, customer and employee satisfaction, and margin improvement leading rapid Enterprise Transformation and Operational Excellence for the world most highly regarded banking, insurance, technology, healthcare and manufacturing industry leaders.

Dr. Angie Purvis, Chief Quality & Regulatory Officer

Dr. Purvis has held several executive positions with medical device and diagnostics companies. Dr. Purvis is a board-certified CLIA Laboratory Director for high-complexity testing across the USA and through the New York State Department of Health. She has a track record of success in Product Development for both the diagnostic and the medical device industries. Dr. Purvis has led diagnostic and medical device companies as the head of Regulatory Affairs to develop successful regulatory strategies for the USA, the EU, and the developing world.

Dr. Nick Poulios, Senior Science Advisor.

Dr. Poulios holds PhD, PhM degrees from the City University Of NY; MA from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia and BA from the University of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Poulios received post doc training at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics. Dr. Poulios has worked for Roche Pharma, Baxter Bioscience, Elan Pharma, as well as diagnostics companies such as Gen-Probe and Roche Molecular Diagnostics.

Corey Park, Investor / Advisor

Corey excels at taking a vision and making it a reality through sound business strategy and team development “bench strength”. He intuitively sees the threads of opportunity and the many leverage points that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage. Corey has brought value to the world as a serial entrepreneur for nearly 30 years. He attended the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business (Leadership & Management) and is the founder and Chairman of Academic Technology Ventures, Inc., a successful technology incubator and venture firm. He’s a certified hedge fund professional (CHP) with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest levels in portfolio analytics & risk management.

Zui Nguyen MBA, Strategic Partnerships & Market Research

Zui graduated from Bentley University with an MBA, concentration in Business Analytics. She has experience in market research, company due diligence, and data analysis. Prior to joining ATV, Zui worked for FinTech and AdTech start-ups in performance analytics and product development roles. Her work helped bring in new revenues, build strong relationships with clients, and develop innovative product features. She has a passion for learning about new technologies and business strategies.

Vincent Marsland MBA, Director Business, Strategy & Planning

Vincent graduated from Imperial College London with an MBA. Prior to pursuing an MBA, Vincent worked for a variety of technology and entertainment companies in various roles, including marketing, project management and strategy. He has helped launch dozens of products, ranging from fintech platforms to video games and ecommerce sites. He is a certified product manager, company coach and has nearly a decade of experience in leadership and management roles.

Yan Campos, Director Engineering & Product Development

Yan studied Biophysics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he worked as an assistant researcher at the Laboratory of Conjunctive Tissue. Yan also studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Aided Design Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. After graduating, he Co-Founded NewPro3D, a start-up in the field of additive manufacturing, where he acted as Director of Research and Development.

Winson Li, Business Analyst

Winson Li is a former Private Equity Analyst with experience in valuation analysis, in-depth market research and company due diligence. Prior to joining ATV, Winson was a consultant for business development, marketing and third party negotiation strategies for start-ups and mature businesses in technology and e-Commerce. Winson holds an Honours in Business Administrative Studies, specialized in Finance, from York University.

Mackenzie Kim, Business Analyst

Mackenzie worked as an Analyst at Harvey & Company, an M&A advisory firm in Newport Beach, California where he evaluated new investment opportunities and supported existing portfolio companies within the distribution and manufacturing space. Mackenzie has always had a passion for start-ups and technology innovation, founding his own mobile app and serving as an advisor for a successful Los Angeles based internet marketing start-up.

Stephanie Khoeler, Business Administration Assistant

Business Administrative Assistant, Stephanie has a passion for business as demonstrated from her experiences attending the C.T. Bauer College of Business where she earned a degree in Business Foundations and a Corporate Entrepreneurship certificate. She is currently continuing her studies at the University of Houston. She enjoys teaching children as a counselor at kid’s camps.

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