Reversing Obesity Through Compassion & Innovation

The inventor of the Dream Body System, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, spent his medical career treating patients suffering from excessive weight gain. Over the course of his career, he observed that many healthcare professionals often treated patients suffering with obesity with indifference or worse, blamed the patient for their lack of self control causing their weight gain. 

Dr. Pietro understood that obesity is influenced by a multitude of factors beyond the control of the patient, including genetics, health conditions, biological sex, and stress, as well as social and economic factors to name a few.  He strongly believed obesity was a disease and as such it needed to be approached with the same caring and compassion as any other disease.

The Dream Body System was created by Dr. Pietro to compassionately give people suffering with excess weight, rapid & significant results. Helping them live their best life by improving health and returning to a healthy body weight.


Oliver DI Pietro, MD

Inventor, Chief Medical Officer

Douglas Jacke, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Corey Park

Co-Founder, Lead Investor

Frank Greenway, MD

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Donald Thomas III, MD

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Wolff, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Donald Kuk

Chief Transformation Officer

Angie Purvis, PhD

Chief Regulatory Officer

Nick Poulios, PhD, PhM

Senior Science Officer

Zui Nguyen, MBA

Strategic Partnerships

Vincent Marsland

Director Business & Strategy

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Director Product Development

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Business Analyst

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