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Less Willpower

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Obese Patients Face Dreadful Odds

  • Surprisingly, Less Than 1% Of Obese patients Make It Back To A Normal Weight Each Year.
  • Only 8 in 1,000 obese women make it back to a normal weight each year.
  • Only 5 in 1,000 obese men make it back to a normal weight each year

In a given year, among 100 obese women

10 will reduce their body weight by 5% or more, and roughly 1 will return to normal weight

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Among 100 men

8 will reduce their body weight by 5% or more, and less than 1 will return to a normal weight

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Effortless & Rapid Weight Loss

The Dream Body System is well suited for today’s on demand culture.

Our peer-reviewed study confirmed the results patients are desperately seeking

  • Rapid, Clinically Significant Results – Patients averaged 1 – 2 pounds lost per day during the 10-day cycle.
  • Weight Loss Without Suffering – Patients reported feeling no or little hunger.
  • Effortless – No calories or macros to count & no strenuous exercise routines.
  • Safety – No serious complications were reported.

“After 4 months of using the Dream Body System, I lost 81 pounds!”


How Is This Any Different From Other Weight Loss Solution?

The difference is hunger.

It is normal to feel hungry or deprived when attempting to lose weight. This is the body’s hunger response to a caloric deficiency. Consider for a moment, how easy is it to stick with a diet when hunger is constantly gnawing at you?

This is where weight loss turns into a struggle between hunger and the willpower to resist it. The most determined of people often discover that willpower has it limits. Eventually their willpower tends to run out and their hunger takes over.

The average person makes at least 5 food choices everyday. It’s very difficult to make five healthy food choices everyday from from a state of hunger.

The Dream Body System is different from other weight loss systems because patients experience little to no hunger while rapidly losing weight. No hunger means very little willpower is needed to succeed.

The Dream Body Difference

Our system is a medically supervised, rapid weight loss program.

Traditional Weight Loss

  • Slow, yoyo weight loss results

  • Hunger cravings

  • Unsustainable willpower & effort required

  • Accurately count calories / carbs / macros

  • Low success rates

The Dream Body System

  • Rapid results, average 1 to 2 pounds lost per day

  • Little or no hunger

  • Nothing to count, the system does all the work

  • Very little effort required

  • Majority succeed in losing weight

“I am now in a skirt that I haven’t been able to fit in for the past 4 years.”


Weight Loss 10 Days At A Time

Patients Use 10-Day Weight Loss Cycles To Step Down To A Healthy Weight

The Dream Body System consists of 10 consecutive days on the system followed by a 10 day rest period in which a typical keto diet is recommended.

The 10-day cycles can be repeated until the patient’s weight loss goal has been achieved.

A retrospective study of 281 clinical patients using this delivery method showed an average 12.8 pounds lost in just 10 days.

The amount of days a patient waits in between cycles and the amount of cycles they complete is under the full discretion of their medical provider

“I lost 20.3 lbs which was about a pound every 11 and a half hours”


Deep, Profound Nutritional Ketosis

On a typical keto diet, it often takes people a week or longer to get into ketosis. This is problematic because the average person quits a diet or exercise program within just six days.

Individuals are typically unable to remove all of the carbs in their food. This make it much harder for them to get into ketosis quickly or achieve a state of deep ketosis.

Our zero carb, patented Dream Body formula incorporates a special plant based oil that’s been shown to greatly increase ketone production in the liver.

This helps patients reach a state of rapid, deep and profound ketosis. A state not easily achieved with a typical keto diet.

Our formula also delivers a wholesome blend of protein, vitamins, trace minerals and healthy fats, 24 hours a day.

“ I was thinking about having bariatric surgery. This was a much better option “
~ Lindsay

“ I’ve lost approximately 22 pounds.
I can walk. I can run. I can start thinking about exercising again. “
~ Paolo


While many companies may guarantee their products, they rarely guarantee amazing, fast results.

Dream Body providers can offer a strong guarantee on our system because our success rates are very high and fully proven by our clinical studies.

Providers are especially happy to offer the special guarantee to their patients… because we offer our providers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on cycle products. No questions asked!

Here’s an example of the exceptional guarantee that makes our providers stand out in the industry.

Lose 20-30lbs
Within 30 Days
Its FREE.*

If you don’t lose 20-30 pounds during your first month on the system, we will provide you with a full money back guarantee.

While many weightloss solutions will guarantee their products… Dream Body guarantees patient success or it’s free.

The clinical data and patient testimonials behind the Dream Body System speaks for itself.

Thus, we can confidently offer this no nonsense, ironclad guarantee to you

*Available at participating physicians & clinics. Eligibility requires completion of two 10-day cycles of the Dream Body System during a period of 30 consecutive days. Eligibility requires following physician’s directions and Dream Body System recommended use. Eligibility requires patient be healthy enough to participate in Dream Body System, to be determined by physician. Full guarantee details available upon request at participating physicians & clinics.