The Dream Body System is making an impact.

Learn about our patients and how their health and lives changed using our innovative way to lose weight.

“ After 4 months of using the Dream Body System,
I lost 81 pounds! “
~ Mia

“ I’ve lost approximately 22 pounds.
I can walk. I can run. I can start thinking about exercising again. “
~ Paolo

“ I am now in a skirt that I haven’t been able to fit in for the past 4 years. “
~ Lanell

“ I lost 20.3 lbs which was about a pound every 11 and half hours “
~ Jareb

“ I was thinking about having bariatric surgery. This was a much better option “
~ Lindsay

The Dream Body Guarantee

The clinical data & patient testimonials behind the Dream Body delivery method speaks for itself… Dream Body can confidently give patients this no nonsense & ironclad guarantee.

Lose 20-30lbs
within 30 days
Its FREE.*

If you don’t lose 20-30lbs during your first month on the Dream Body System we offer a full money back guarantee.

While many weight loss solutions will guarantee their products… Dream Body guarantees patient success.

*Available at participating physicians & clinics. Eligibility requires completion of two 10-day cycles of the Dream Body System during a period of 30 consecutive days. Eligibility requires faithfully following physician’s directions and Dream Body System recommended use. Full guarantee details available upon request at participating physicians & clinics or upon request by emailing